His Story

Josh Ferreira is a tried and true performer. He started his career in 1995 playing in a multiple original and cover groups (Eden Park, Endive). In 2003 he shifted gears from being the front man of a hard cover band. Josh decided to pick up the acoustic guitar and play restaurants, weddings and corporate events. After 10 years in Cincinnati he made his way to San Diego California were he became a staple in the music community. He made it back to form by playing wedding gigs, private and corporate events. Most notably, after his first show for The San Diego Zoo Food Wine and Brews, he was invited to play their Managers Appreciation event. He was then asked to perform for the San Diego Zoos Centennial Celebration. He also played the the Food Wine and Brews event for 3 consecutive years. 

Outside of corporate events, Josh was invited to play at events for Analog Records and Rexrode Productions. 

If you are looking for an artist to entertain, interact and bring a sense of fun to your event make sure to contact Josh Ferreira. Go to the "Book Now" tab. Fill out the form with information about your event, and Josh will get back to you within 24 hours.