Back in Cincinnati 

On October 26th, my family and I picked up and headed cross country back to the city in which we used to call home until 4 years ago. We loaded up our Prius with 3 Adults, an 11 year old, 2 dogs, 4 suitcases, my brother in laws ruck sack and my crutches. I am still nursing a broken ankle. When we left Temecula that early evening it was 100 degrees. By the second night on the road we were in Utah heading into Colorado. When we exited the car to get gas, it was 48 degrees. Damn it!! California had given us thin skin. And all of us except my brother in law where not too happy about this change in temperature.

Yet, it was inevitable. Our world was changing with every mile, just as it had 4 years prior when I left Cincinnati on Christmas Day. Driving to California to meet my wife, who was going to be flown to meet her command, already on deployment. I had 6 days from the day I left to make it out to see my wife before she was flown halfway around the world. I made it in 3 days, spending 24 hours on the road. Our daughter, our dog and myself. At one point driving into California, I had reached the peek of the mountain drive. At 10K feet above sea level, I saw a bobcat on the side of the road. It was at that moment that I was sure we had crashed and the Gods had sent me a spirit animal to bring me home. But, we made it safely to San Diego. Got to spend a few days with my wife before her deployment. 

My wife was medically retired from the Navy with conversion disorder. We later found out that she also has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardi Syndrome. I know. Its a mouthful. It is also an everyday challenge to try to make life seem normal. On top of her health issues, I shattered my ankle and could not work for 7 weeks. At that point it was time to seek help from friends and family. A support group that we did not have 2,300 miles away in California. So, here we are back in Cincinnati just in time for winter. We are adjusting. My wife does not like the cold. Sometimes, I hear her cursing the temperatures why questioning why we ever left the perfect year round climate of Southern California. 

Here we are. And here we will stay. Once again, I'm starting over trying to book gigs as I used to do 5 years ago. San Diego put me to work, but also made me lazy, because I had representation through a booking agency. I don't think I'm going to find that type of simplicity here in Cincinnati. So, its nose to the grindstone folks. Re-igniting old friendships and leaning into the music community. I still have friends here and that is the point. My wife and I did not move back to the midwest completely on our own terms. But, it is nice to know that we are back in a community full of love and support. 


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